Summer Life Classes

June 27- August 1

Newcomers Fellowship

August 1, 2021 at 12 pm

A time for newcomers/visitors to meet High Pointe's leaders.
For more info contact Dan Lisa

New Sermon Series

The Crucified King:
The Gospel According to Mark

Begins August 1, 2021

One - Day Membership Class

Wednesday,  August 11 at 6:00 pm

The High Pointe Institute

Fall 2021: August 25– December 8

Spring 2022: January 26 – May 11

2021 Theology Conference
The Trinity
September 17-18

T2G (Titus 2 Groups)

An intergenerational mentoring ministry for women
          September through May
      Register now by emailing:  Mary Delk at

Mask wearing will now be optional during our corporate worship gatherings.
Given the updated guidelines from the CDC, we are lifting our mask policy for our corporate gatherings, effective immediately. Your pastors want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we have sought to pastor everyone in the congregation to the best of our understanding and ability throughout this pandemic. We praise God for His provision and faithfulness to us, and we are grateful that He has brought us to this point where we can begin to gather fully again. Praise God for His goodness towards His people! We encourage you to continue to review CDC guidance—including personal hygiene practices and mask wearing in select circumstances. Moving forward, mask wearing on Sunday mornings, prayer services, bible studies, life classes, and any other ministry gathering is optional. If circumstances change in the future due to a Covid-19 resurgence, mutation, or some other unrelated outbreak, we will review and adjust accordingly. But for now, we praise God for bringing us to this point and we look forward to gathering with all of High Pointe again.


If you are ever in the Austin area or have recently moved to Austin, we invite you to gather with us. One of the unique characteristics of High Pointe is the people whom God has brought together by His grace and for His glory. Though united by God’s Spirit into one body through faith in the one Lord, Jesus Christ, you will find that regardless of your cultural or ethnic background, God has assembled a beautifully diverse gathering of believers which reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of Austin, the United States, and the world. We also believe that this ethnically diverse gathering of believers united in Christ greatly glorifies God and points us to that day when we will all be gathered around the throne of God and the Lamb (Rev. 7:9-10).
  • We have a singular foundation: our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.
  • We have a singular focus: to see all peoples become wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.
  • We have a diverse family: that is united by a common devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ, His Word, and His ways.

Latest Sermon

We are grateful to God for the technologies He has blessed us with that we can use to share and spread the Word of God. It is our prayer that this sermon will be a nourishment to your soul and that it would serve in conjunction with your active participation in a local church. If you don't have a church home, we would love to connect with you and hear about you and your story, pray with you, and answer any questions you have. Whether you are pursuing a church home or you already are a member of a church in your area, we pray that the Lord would use this sermon and bless your pursuit towards maturity in Christ.

Sunday Worship

Sundays at 10:00am
12030 Dessau Rd. Austin, TX 78754