Life Classes are a place for disciples to learn and apply God's Word in specific areas of the Christian life over a multi-week timeframe.

When do Life Classes take place?

Life Classes are offered on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. See dates and class descriptions below.

Fall Life Classes
October 29 - December 10 (four classes)

The first step in pursuing membership at High Pointe is to attend the Membership class. Attending this class does not commit you to membership, but it is required prior to joining. The class covers three areas: 1. What is the church and why should I join?,  2. What does High Pointe believe?, and 3. What do we expect of church members at High Pointe?
Following Jesus: The Basics of Christianity
This class will cover some of the basics of Christianity, such as Bible reading, prayer, attending church, and walking in obedience. We will seek to answer the question: How do I live as a Christian? This class is designed for new Christians and those considering Christianity.
How People Change: A Practical Theology Course
This class will explore the biblical answer to why change is needed and how change actually happens. We will seek to answer the question: What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life? This class is for anyone who desires to change or who would like to help others through a process of change.
Las Ultimas Cosas Primero (Escatologia)
Estaremos estudiando la Escatología, que es el estudio de los últimos tiempos, basados en las Escrituras.  Estudiaremos como la escatología es algo que nos afecta personalmente y ahora.  También presentaremos las diferentes posturas escatológicas para que podamos tener información concreta e imparcial de lo que cada postura expone.


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