Conference Talks

Our annual Theology Conference is designed to provide an opportunity for the whole church to focus on a specific subject matter within theology and culture. The goal of this two-day conference is to see lives re-formed by the refocusing of desires and renewing of thoughts. While this is a ministry of and to the people of High Pointe, we are very intentional about it being a service to and fellowship with other churches as well.
The talks below are from our 2021 Theology Conference on The Trinity.
Our speakers were Dr. Fred Sanders and Dr. Kevin DeYoung.

The Trinity and the Bible
Dr. Fred Sanders

The Only Begotten Son: The Trinity and Eternal Generation
John 1:14
Dr. Kevin DeYoung

The Trinity and Salvation
Dr. Fred Sanders

Like Father Like Son_The Trinity and True Religion
John 5:19-26
Dr. Kevin DeYoung

Panel Discussion
Dr. Fred Sanders & Dr. Kevin DeYoung