Introducing Our New Director of Student Ministry

By design, our staff is transitional. Of course, not every staff position is necessarily transitional. But, we purposely set out to identify and train young men who are faithful and able to teach others. Some of those young men will remain with us for several years, then leave High Pointe to pastor other churches. Think of Ben Wright and Josh Hayward. Other young men will only be here during a two-year pastoral assistantship to prepare for ministry then leave to serve at other churches or pursue other opportunities. Think of Frankie Gali and Scott Cope. By God’s grace, he has allowed us to serve other churches and ministries by deploying such faithful young men.

In 2018, however, we deployed a larger number of faithful brothers than we expected at one time. That highlighted for us the need for greater staff stability. Additionally, over the last few years we've recognized that because of the transitional nature of our staff, we have not served our students and families very well. To rectify this deficiency, we’ve refocused our staffing efforts. Instead of assigning student ministry to a pastoral assistant, we have created a new position: Director of Student Ministry. Under the leadership of the elders, specifically Marshall Canales, this director will focus his primary attention on discipling students and their parents. We’re excited about the fruit such focused efforts may produce under the ministry of the Word and prayer, in reliance on the Spirit. So, who is this new director? Let me introduce him to you.

Dan Lisa came to faith in Christ after hearing the Gospel preached as a teenager. He received a BA in Psychology from Stony Brook University and is currently finishing his M. Div. at Midwestern Seminary. He previously served for three years as a Youth Director at New Hope Fellowship in New York. The Lord has placed a burden on his heart for missions and to preach the gospel as of first importance. He and his wife, Jenny, have three children (Penelope, Noah, and Lily). In his free time, Dan loves to read, cook, code, learn languages, entertain friends and family and enjoys playing hockey.

Please be in prayer for Dan and Jenny and their family. They too are rejoicing in God’s marvelous providence in this opportunity at just the right time for them.

Our Lord is a gracious King, and he delights in providing for his church! To him be all the glory!


Pastor Juan

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