ACBC Regional Conference | January 26-27, February 16-17, and March 8-9 | For all High Pointe Members

For the second year in a row, High Pointe will host the ACBC regional conference.
This year, along with the beginner track, we will add an advanced track for those who were with us last year or have already begun the training. The advanced track will address high-level topics not addressed in the beginner’s track.

  •  WHO should participate in the training? If you desire to be able to encourage,
comfort, and disciple your children, other believers, and family members, this training is
for YOU. Not only will it equip you in the basics of discipleship, it will also equip you to
walk alongside others in crisis.
  • WHY should you participate in the training? We want to equip every member to
understand God’s word and rightly apply it. One of our values at High Pointe is a culture
of discipleship – a culture where every members is helping others follow Jesus.
  • WHEN will the training take place? The training will take place over three weekends.
The registration price covers all three conferences. We recommend coming to all three
training sessions and pursue becoming a certified biblical counselor. We need help
counseling one another at High Pointe, and you could be a vital part of our counseling
Women’s Bible Studies
We offer two Bible studies on Wednesdays to serve and encourage the women of High Pointe.
These Bible studies are also good opportunities to meet and interact with other ladies in the
church. A registration table will be set up in the foyer after the service.
Morning Bible Study
Wednesdays, January 24-April 10
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

A Study of Acts, part 2

This study will review part 1, so newcomers are welcome to join an inductive study of Acts

For registration and questions, contact:
Mary Delk ( or Jeanette Heflin (

Evening Bible Study
Wednesdays, January 31-May 1
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

A Study of Colossians & Philemon

This study involves home study questions, interactive group discussion, and a brief instruction.

For registration and questions, contact:
Susan Horton ( or Marilyn Waters (
Giving at High Pointe
God is generous, and so he calls us to be as well. What we do with what God has given us shows
the world where our hearts are and helps proclaim the gospel. We want to glorify God in every
area of our lives, including what we do with our finances. But as you may have noticed, we do
not take up a collection on Sundays at High Pointe. Consequently, we’ve been receiving
questions as to how to give. There are several ways you may give:
1. Offering Boxes in Auditorium – You may place your offering in an offering box.
2. Mail – You may mail your contribution to the church office.
3. Text/Online – You may give by texting 84321 (it will require a first-time setup).
4. Your Bank – You may give through your own bank via Bill Pay or ACH.

If you have any questions, go to this LINK. Our financial staff is also available to help or answer
your questions. You may call the church office at 512-837-7725.

Important Tax Information Regarding Your 2023 Contributions
Contribution statements will be emailed on or before Tuesday, January 23rd . Please make sure
your email address is current.
  •  Anyone who does not have an email address on file with the church may request their
statement by emailing or by calling the church office at
  •  If you file your federal income tax return before receiving a qualified contribution
statement from the church, you may not be able to deduct individual contributions of
$250 or more.
  •  Year-end contributions must be submitted or mailed by 31 December. The general
rule is that a contribution is considered received or effective when delivered. A check
dropped in a church offering box in January of 2024 cannot be deducted in 2023, even if
it is backdated to 2023. One exception – checks mailed and postmarked in 2023 are
deductible in 2023, even if they are not received until 2024.

On-Call Pastor
To better care for you, High Pointe, we have an “on-call” pastor available for emergencies after
office hours and on weekends. To reach the on-call pastor, call 512-837-7725, extension 1.

Preaching Schedule: Pray regularly for the ministry of the Word at High Pointe. Also, prepare
for our gatherings by reading the sermon text, thinking it through, and asking questions about the
text before Sunday. Here is a preaching schedule designed to help you prepare for Sundays:
  •  January 21 | Pastor Davey Davis, Psalm 23
  •  January 28 | Pastor Davey Davis, Psalm 51
  •  February 4 | Romans 15:22-33 | Our Participation in Missions for the Sake of the Nations,      Pastor Juan
  •  February 11 | Pastor Davey Davis
  •  February 18 | Romans 16:1-16 | The Joy of Gospel Partners, Pastor Juan
  •  February 25 | Romans 16:17-27 | Be Wise as to What is Good and Innocent as to What is Evil, Pastor Juan
  •  March 3 | Begin a Study of Judges

Resources of the Week
Begin praying as you prepare to gather with us this Sunday at 10:00 am.

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