Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

“Then children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked the people, but Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’ And he laid his hands on them and went away.”
(Matthew 19:13-15, ESV).

In Jesus’ day, children had no social standing. They contributed nothing to society; they were utterly dependent on adults – for everything! It’s no surprise, then, that when parents brought their babies and young children to Jesus, his disciples rebuked the people. But if you’re a parent, and you understand that there is something different about Jesus, something divine, you too would want Jesus to bless your son or daughter. That’s all these parents were trying to do in Matthew 19:13-15. After all, imagine living in a time of primitive medicine, a time when infant mortality was high.

For his part, Jesus rebuked his disciples. He welcomed the little children and warned the disciples not to hinder their coming. Why? Because these little ones picture how all must enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus came to save those who understand that they cannot save themselves; Jesus came to save those who understand they are utterly dependent on God – for everything, just like little babies and young children. Children, Jesus says, remind us that we must humble ourselves, ridding ourselves of any social status and coming to him in utter dependence: to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.

Today, children still teach us about dependence on others for life. A baby cries because she cannot feed herself. Without someone caring for her, she will eventually starve to death. A baby cries because he needs a diaper change. A baby cries because she needs to be comforted and assured that she is safe. Jesus welcomed the children because children picture how we are to be dependent upon our heavenly Father for care and salvation through Christ. So, let the children come, and let us display the Father’s love and care for them. This is first and foremost the role and responsibility of parents. But we also know that as a church, we have a corporate responsibility to encourage one another in parenting and to care together for the children of High Pointe.

As we approach the start of another school year, we’ve begun announcing some of the needs we have in our children’s ministry. These needs are real, and they provide opportunities for all of High Pointe to care for one another and encourage the younger parents among us. Would you consider helping us care for our children at High Pointe by taking advantage of some of the opportunities we have? We have various needs, but one of our ongoing needs is always to care for the children in the nursery during Sunday am/pm services. As our congregation continues to add young families with children and as our young families continue to have children, the need in the nursery continues to grow. That’s a wonderful need to have!

We also have a need to provide childcare workers during our weekly Bible studies and other meetings throughout the week. These are paid positions, so those who are willing will be compensated for their time. Of course, all of these positions, volunteer and paid, are limited to the members of High Pointe. We have chosen to care for our children ourselves, rather than hiring outside workers. Your willingness will go a long way to helping us continue to provide childcare for our own children. If you would consider helping, please contact Erin Wyman. Let us welcome the children and encourage their parents.

Pastor Juan 

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