Overwhelmed by the Lord’s Blessings to High Pointe!

“Who in their right mind plants a church coming out of COVID?!” At least that’s what conventional wisdom would say. And yet, on September 25, we will commission forty-four members of High Pointe, along with two elders, and what will likely be about $175,000 of annual giving to plant Emmaus Church in Georgetown. It’s enough to make you say out loud – “Who in their right mind plants a church right now?!” Well, it’s not the first time someone has asked that question. It seems every time we plant a church doesn’t seem like the best time to plant a church. Still, we are excited to plant another church, and we look forward to seeing how God will use Emmaus to reach the unchurched who live north of Austin!

We’re excited because if we’ve learned anything at High Pointe, it is that the Lord is faithful, and he has repeatedly blessed our obedience. From the time we were led to set aside 10% of our budget for gospel work outside of High Pointe when we couldn’t afford it, to the times the Lord allowed us to plant a church in Elgin in 2011, then in Cedar Park in 2016, the Lord has overwhelmed us with his blessing.

And now that we are on the cusp of planting another church, the Lord continues to overwhelm us with grace. The needs we asked the Lord to fill are already filled – Nursery, KidsPointe, media ministry. We still have a few spots to fill in Children’s catechism class and need a few extra workers to substitute when our regular workers are out. Please join in praying for the Lord to fill all ministry needs.

Oh, yes, the finances. Well, I don’t think it’s coincidental that the Lord paid off our debt at the same time we’re planting another church. And even though last year was our best giving year ever, at this point in the year, we are over $150,000 ahead of year to date giving. The Lord is truly amazing! Please join in asking the Lord to continue glorifying himself through our generous giving.

As for new members, the Lord continues to draw people to High Pointe. We even have about nine people interested in the Spanish membership class, in addition to those who are presently going through the English class. Yes, the Lord is good! Join in praying that the Lord would continue to draw new members to High Pointe who will join us in our mission to make disciples of all nations.

The Lord is good -in good times and in bad, in plenty and in lack. Let us praise him in the midst of the congregation. Tell of his goodness to one another and praise God, for he is good.

Evangelism Opportunities

Tom McLaughlin and Francisco Nieves, two High Pointe members, also gather regularly to share the gospel. Below is their schedule. Feel free to join them or give them a call if you have any questions:

UT Campus:
•M-W-F 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
•Also, W and F 7pm to 9 pm for those who work during the day.
•We are also doing all the UT football home games three hours before game time at the corner of Trinity St. and MLK.

State Capitol: Saturday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

For more information, members can call or text Tom (please see Members’ Directory).

Preaching Schedule

Join us this Sunday, September 18, as Pastor Marshall preaches one last time before planting Emmaus Church.

The following Sunday, we will have a commissioning service to send Emmaus off. Join us in praying for this church plant.


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Nadine Perez - September 14th, 2022 at 5:06pm

What a blessing to be part of this special event I am so grateful to the Lord that I am able to be part of High Pointe family I have been blessed in so many ways by the teachings ,the classes I have never studied the Bible like I study here at High Pointe Thank you Pastor Sanchez and elders we are a blessed church family here prayers for our brothers and sisters that are going out to Further the true gospel at Emmus church prayers love and joy love your sister Nadine In Our Lord Jesus !!





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